The Arts are a vital part of our curriculum, and complement learning in the humanities as part of our theme-based curriculum. Pupils learn about Art from a range of contexts, societies and traditions.

Our Art curriculum provides children with the opportunity to understand and respond to the world. It enables them to communicate what they see, feel and think through the use of colour, texture, form and pattern.

At Bevington, children are encouraged to evaluate their own ideas and the work of others, saying what they think and feel about it. They explore a range of artists, developing these influences into their own work.

At Bevington art experiences are often adapted to reflect the local environment of the school and the cultural influences of the children.

Areas of Learning

In Art, children learn to express themselves artistically using a range of media, including pencil, paint, sculpture, pottery, digital art, textiles and more. Children study great artists and the impact their work has had on the world of art and culture. We teach skills explicitly with each unit of art building upon their sketching skills. Painting, printing, textiles, digital art, collage and 3D sculptures are taught across all key stages with progression of skills across the school with pupils building on skills learnt in pervious phases. Pupils use a sketch book to record their artwork and consolidate their skills.

Subject Overview

Please find the subject overview for Art subject at Bevington below. This overview outlines what the pupils are taught in each year through the school.

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