Bevington’s Design and Technology curriculum encourages children to be creative, innovative, problem-solvers and risk-takers as they become the designers and makers of purposeful products. Our children develop into confident designers because we provide focused and achievable projects that allow them to flourish.
Pupils will be encouraged to use skills across the curriculum such as maths, science, computing, art and literacy and apply them in a real-life context which makes the learning meaningful, memorable and relevant. Our Design and Technology curriculum has been created for our pupils and has taken into consideration our school’s context and community in order to make the learning more meaningful for the pupils.
At Bevington, we recognise the importance of analysing a range of existing products and learning about the designers that have helped shape the world. We believe it is crucial that we provide our children with a wide range of resources and that we allow them to be responsible for making their own design decisions in order to become successful designers. We see design as a work in progress and therefore our children are given the freedom to adapt their designs as they work towards making functional and quality products.
Throughout the design and technology units, pupils will be encouraged to think about important issues such as sustainability in order to for them to understand both the positive and negative global impact that design has on the world.

How we teach a unit of Design Technology
Whether it is cooking, food and nutrition, mechanisms, electronic control or textiles, we ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to:
Analyse and evaluate existing products to fully understand the purpose, function and design criteria.
Explore how the design could be replicated and altered using a range of materials tools and learning new skills.
Design a product by making informed design decisions and recording their ideas, adapting their design where necessary
Make a functional product based on their design, apply new skills and finishing touches to ensure they have made a quality product that functions.
Evaluate their product against the success criteria and think about the strengths and weakness of their design.

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