Early Years

​Our Early Years setting is an exciting and nurturing place where children learn through play and creativity. As an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) unit we are organised into a nursery class and two separate reception classes, each with their indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Our vision is to provide our pupils with the skills they need to progress successfully thorough primary school and beyond.

Our Ethos

Early Years at Bevington is a nurturing and vibrant place where children feel safe and secure and is the foundation for our curriculum. Children leave Reception as well-rounded individuals with the essential skills that will stand them in excellent stead for their educational journey. Our aim is to prepare our children today for the lives they will lead tomorrow.

We understand that children develop at their own rates and ensure that all focus work is tailored to children’s varying abilities. We encourage children to be independent and our indoor and outdoor environments enable children to select their own resources to further their learning.

Our Curriculum

Our ambitious and bespoke EYFS curricular goals are designed, as a broad and balanced curriculum, to give our children all the knowledge and skills they need to pass successfully through to the next stage of their education. Learning is carefully sequenced to help our EYFS pupils build their learning over time, from our Nursery to Reception classes, so that all pupils are ready to progress successfully through to Year One and beyond.

We understand that children’s learning is often driven by their own interests, and that young children do not develop in a fixed way. Therefore, each individual child’s needs are carefully considered, and our plans for their development are flexible so that there can be depth in all children’s learning.

A typical day in our setting generally consists of a Read Write Inc lesson, maths and topic carpet sessions, as well as one-to-one focus work with an adult, and most importantly lots and lots of child-initiated learning through play. Music, dance and drama form a crucial part of our curriculum and across the year, children learn a range of traditional and contemporary songs to sing and they receive lessons in physical education.

As well as teaching children to be ready, respectful and safe, we also help them to show care and concern for living things and the environment. Each spring, we receive live eggs and children have the chance to watch them hatch into ducklings and look after them before they return to the farm.

Assessments in Early Years are based on what practitioners observe and what they know about the children through interactions and co-playing.

Parental Engagement

Parental engagement is fundamental to children’s development and we regularly encourage parents to join us for ‘Stay & Play’ sessions and to accompany us on trips. Parent and carer workshops are held to provide parents with an understanding of how they can support their child at home. In addition, parents are encouraged to share experiences and work through our Home Learning platform on Google Classroom.

Early Years education is the foundation to a child’s love of learning and at Bevington we ensure that we provide the enriching educational experience every child deserves.

Early Years education is the foundation to a child’s love of learning and at Bevington we ensure that we provide the enriching educational experience every child deserves.

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