Bevington’s Enrichment Offer

At Bevington we understand that providing children with enriching experiences enhances underpins their own personal school journey. We aim to offer all of our children as many enriching opportunities as possible. As well as high quality teaching and learning, we promise that every pupil at Bevington Primary School will have the opportunity to….

  • Experience an Overnight Stay

We offer our Year 5 pupils the chance to stay overnight in Bevington where members of staff lead a variety of team building activities to provide them with the chance to stay away from home in a familiar place and enjoy spending time with their peers. Additionally, we offer our children in Year 6 the opportunity to travel to a location outside of London where they can participate in a wide range of activities and learn skills that they otherwise may not be able to. These include orienteering, archery, campfire and shelter building as well as high-rope activities.

  • Visit places of interest within London

We carefully plan trips for all year groups to be able to experience and learn from the multitude of places that are within our local area and beyond. Some of these places include the London Aquarium, Kew Gardens, the Tower of London, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum and Hampton Court.

  • Careers

At Bevington, we understand the importance of all subjects, skills and talents ensuring all children are fully prepared with information to become successful in their future careers. Local business, parents and governors are invited to share expertise within their field at our annual Careers Fair in order to inspire, encourage and motivate our pupils.

  • Visit an Art Gallery

We pride ourselves on promoting all subjects within the National Curriculum and encourage children to learn about a broad range of artists from around the world. From this, we provide the children with the chance to visit an art gallery whilst they are at Bevington.

  • Visit a range of religious buildings

As part of our RE curriculum, we take time to ensure that all of our pupils learn about different major religions and that they have the chance to visit places of worship in order to learn about different religions, traditions and cultures.

  • Learn a new language (Spanish)

Learning another language is a skill that we really value and from years 3 to 6, our pupils are given weekly Spanish lessons where they are taught pronunciation and grammar as well as more about the language use itself within the world we live.

  • To enter in local or national competitions

Throughout the academic year there are opportunities to engage with local and national competitions. From recent years, these have included: Physics competition for Years 5 and 6 with other schools within our North Kensington Ogden Trust Hub, Primary Maths Challenge and Maths Cluster competitions,

  • Sing in front of an audience

The Bevington School of Pop is a 60-strong choir which rehearses weekly. We learn a range of music from choir classics to arrangements of popular tunes. We also have an auditioned Chamber Choir which is made up of talented singers across key stage 2. The Bevington School Orchestra is an auditioned ensemble of 20 musicians which rehearses weekly. We learn a range of music from classical pieces to arrangements of popular tunes. Any KS2 children who are already learning an instrument are welcome to audition. We perform on our own as part of our school’s concert series, and in conjunction with the School of Pop and Chamber Choir.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument

We currently offer weekly instrumental lessons in Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Drums; we are also able to offer string and wind instruments upon request. These take place on either an individual group basis, and are taught by experienced professional musicians. All pupils who receive instrumental lessons are offered places in our school ensembles, and talented instrumentalist will be offered solo or recital opportunities through the year.

  • Learn to swim

Currently, we offer Year 5 the opportunity to go swimming for two full academic terms. Together with members of staff the children will walk to Kensington Leisure Centre where instructors will teach our pupils how to swim safely.

  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables

We are proud and fortunate to have a loyal volunteer gardener who works alongside gardeners from the Hammersmith Community Gardening Association to teach children about planting, seasonality and caring for the natural world around us. We are hoping these skills the children have learnt will soon be used for an up and coming project to help brighten up the local area with beautiful green spaces.

  • Showcase your learning in termly events

Pupils at Bevington are given the termly chance to showcase their learning in Science by participating in a fair where their work is showcased and parents are invited to take part in activities from across the whole school. Throughout the day of the fair, pupils from all year groups are invited to lead the activities and share their learning with others.

  • Take on extra responsibilities

Pupils at Bevington are encouraged to take on different roles and responsibilities throughout the school. Pupils are taught skills in order to complete successful applications with references to mirror real life application processes. Our jobs range from Digital Leaders to Office Assistants.

  • Join a club

Bevington offers a wide range of extra-curricular clubs which run every day after school. All clubs are run by outside specialists who provide the highest quality of teaching within their area of expertise. Watch this space to see the next Chelsea Footballer!

For more information visit our Clubs Page.

  • Take part in a sports tournament

Throughout the academic year we provide pupils in KS2 the opportunity to represent the school in a variety of different sports teams. Our sports teams are mixed gender and compete against other local primary schools in football, netball and handball. Sports matches are also organised for after school against local schools in a variety of other sports including dodgeball, hockey, tennis and cricket. At the end of each term all year groups are given the opportunity to participate within a team, playing a specific sport learned throughout the term.

  • Perform in front of an audience

We believe that it is a very valuable experience for our pupils to be able to perform in front of audiences as it helps to build their confidence and develop their speaking, listening and collaboration skills.

  • Make new friends from a range of backgrounds

We are incredibly fortunate to be located in a place where there are pupils and families from a range of different backgrounds and we pride ourselves on being a place where pupils make friends and socialise together with friendships lasting well beyond the primary school years.

  • Learn about different countries and cultures

Within our RE, History and Geography lessons and Reading assemblies we ensure that children learn about other cultures and traditions from around the world. By holding International Day events we celebrate other cultures and bring together people from our community.

  • Learn about different careers

Each year, we hold a Careers Fair where we seek to invite professionals from a variety of backgrounds to talk with our pupils and share what they do each day as part of their career.

Bevington FM

Bevington FM is our very own school radio station! Classes in KS2 use our studio on our top corridor to write, produce and present fortnightly radio programmes. Pupils are given free reign on the design of their radio shows, but they usually include news, music, interviews, quizzes, sharing of writing and much more!

For more information, and the latest broadcasts from the studio, please visit the Bevington FM Page.


To enhance the curriculum that we already deliver within school we have strong links with MyTime Active who deliver playground training to staff and weekly lessons on nutrition and physical activities for Year 1 and Year 4 children.

We also have a loyal volunteer gardener who works alongside gardeners from the Hammersmith Community Gardening Association to teach children about planting, seasonality and caring for the natural world around us. We are hoping these skills the children have learnt will soon be used for an up and coming project to help brighten up the local area with beautiful green spaces.

We work closely with local institutions across the Borough – for example supporting healthy eating with Go Golborne which has resulted in us being awarded a healthy school award!

We also build out our curriculum and extra curricular offering with support from local institutions, for example the Rhythm Studio offer music workshops to our pupils – watch for musicians in our alumni list!

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