Our Curriculum

Our curriculum, underpinned by our values, is created by our staff for our pupils.  This makes Bevington learners inquisitive and resilient.  All children are entitled to an inspiring and challenging curriculum.  This will equip them with the skills to succeed in life. Each year careful planning builds upon previous learning.  There is a clear progression, which leads to high quality outcomes.  While based on the National Curriculum, all subjects are mapped out with our context in mind.  We link learning across subjects. 



Our curriculum topics for 2023-24 are as follows:


Aut 1

Aut 2

Spr 1

Spr 2

Sum 1

Sum 2

Nursery Me and My Friends Playing and Taking Turns Exploring Autumn through Woodland Tales Exploring Winter through Colour and Create Learning about People Helping and Caring Exploring Spring through Gardening and Growing Exploring Summer through Moving and Growing
Reception Me, My Friends and My Family Learning about Us Exploring Autumn through Rhythm and Rhyme Exploring Winter through Colour and Light Learning about My Community – Cook, Create and Celebrate Exploring Spring through Growth and Change Exploring Summer through The Seaside
Year 1


History of our region

The British Isles

Great Fire of London



Year 2


Exploration and invention

Poles Apart

The Gunpowder Plot

Forests & Woodlands

British History: Significant People and Events in Britain

Year 3

Africa in the Northern Hemisphere

The World at War (1939-1945)

North America

Notting Hill Carnival

Natural Disasters

The Roman Empire

Year 4

Africa in the Southern Hemisphere


Humans and the environment

Ancient Greece

Eastern Asia

Stone Age through to Iron Age

Year 5

Mountain Ranges

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

Oceans and Seas


Western Asia


Year 6

South America

Ancient Egypt


Saxon & Scots Settlement


World History: Significant People and Events in the world

Curriculum Map 2023-24

For an overview of our curriculum in each year group, please see our curriculum map by clicking below. This curriculum map sets out the learning topics across each phase of the school, as well as key texts and trips which will be used to support learning.

Curriculum Map 2023-24

Please see our individual subjects pages by clicking the buttons below.

On each page you will find a description of our curriculum approach along with a detailed progression map.

Alternatively we would encourage parents to discuss the year group curriculum with their child’s class teacher. For more subject-specific information, please speak to the office and we will direct you to the relevant Subject Leader.








Physical Education


Religious Education


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