Religious Education

We follow the locally approved ‘SACRE’ RE guidance and teach our children about all major world religions, belief systems and celebrations. At Bevington, we celebrate and engage with major religious festivals such as Christmas and Eid.

Rather than teach all religions separately, we teach the six major world religions through a ‘themed’ curriculum, where each term pupils explore the different aspects of religious such as celebrations, prayer, inspirational figures and so on. Focusing on these different aspects of faith, pupils will explore the major world religions and identify similarities and differences between them. RE is taught through discussion, debates and research lessons to allow children to share their own beliefs.

Each class keeps an RE Scrapbook, which showcases their learning for each lesson, including the learning objective, reflections from pupils, written learning and photographs.

Places of Worship

Through their time at Bevington, we expect pupils to have visited places of worship for all major religion, met with key figures and seen religions in their true context. They are encouraged to ask questions and explore worship further, as well as identifying similarities between worship in different religions.



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