Religious Education

We follow the locally approved ‘SACRE’ RE guidance and teach our children about all major world religions, belief systems and celebrations. At Bevington, we celebrate and engage with major religious festivals such as Christmas and Eid.

We use the Living Difference IV approach in which all concepts are brought to life for the children.  This means that RE is brought to life with real and concrete situations, and encounters and makes room for what they encounter.  RE is taught around the cycle of enquiry.

The cycle focuses on the following:

Communicate: Children are introduced to a concept or word and respond to their experiences of the concepts studied.

Apply: The children become aware of the experience of others, especially those in their own class and how the responses relate to their own lives.

Inquire: The children engage with the words and concepts of religious traditions and practices. This is to broaden and deepen their understanding ensuring that they are knowledgeable.

Contextualise: The children begin to learn through others lived experiences of the context and their way of life.

Evaluate: The children begin to find out about those living with the context studied and how it might matter in their own lives.

All RE lessons follow the same cycle of enquiry, however the emphasis in the younger years is on the communicate and apply steps.

Places of Worship

Through their time at Bevington, we expect pupils to have visited places of worship for all major religions.



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