At Bevington, our science curriculum is designed to ignite our pupils’ curiosity about the world around them and aid them in developing skills in science as a process of enquiry. We have personalised our Science curriculum so that it is for our pupils, and we have thought carefully about providing them with opportunities to develop not just an understanding of skills and knowledge but also a passion and enjoyment of the subject, as well as the chance to learn about careers options within the subject. By the time children leave Bevington in Year 6, they are equipped with the scientific knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum in the strands of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, have a deep understanding of what it means to work scientifically and be able to communicate their findings across a range of different methods including Digital Technology, graphs and charts. Our specialist rooms allow for us to use a wide variety of different materials and equipment to ensure that our learning is as practical as possible for the children to be hands-on scientists.


How we teach Science

At Bevington, we follow the scientific knowledge and skills progression laid out in the National Curriculum. Each Science topic contains a clear progression of knowledge, vocabulary, learning outcomes and working scientifically skills. Our Science lessons include a clearly defined learning objective and a working scientifically skill.  The majority of lessons will feature a hands-on science experiment to consolidate the learning objective of the lesson and to ensure all children are actively engaged. We adapt our lessons carefully for our children with SEND to ensure that all children can access their learning. In all lessons, key scientific vocabulary is taught and embedded throughout with our children actively encouraged to use it in both their spoken language and written work.

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